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Application for admission

Professional Certificate in Executive Coaching (Germany)

Please fill in all sections and return by email to Amanda Justice at

Section 1 Personal details
1.1Title (Mr/Mrs/Ms/Miss/other)
1.2Surname (Family name)
1.3First names (in full)
1.4Preferred name
1.5Gender (male/female)
1.6Date of birth (dd/mm/yyyy)
1.7 Ethnicity (UK/EU applicants only)
Section 2 Residence
2.2Country of birth
2.3Country of permanent residence
Section 3 Contact Details
3.1Home Address
Section 4 Employment and experience details
4.1Present job title
4.4Industry type
4.5Address (including postcode)
4.8Please describe your current duties and responsibilities, and describe your major achievement in this role
4.9Number of years’ relevant management experience (e.g. managing people, projects) 4.10Number of years’ full-time work experience
4.11Previous coaching experience (please provide brief details)
4.12Programme expectations (please state the specific benefits you expect to gain from this programme)
Section 5 Education and English language
5.1Please state your highest academic qualification (e.g. Bachelors degree, A levels)
5.2Please state whether this was obtained in the UK/ EU/ Other overseas country
5.3Is English your native language?
5.4If no, please supply details of any English language test taken (date and result)
Section 6 Disability

If you have a disability that may affect your learning, please provide details:

Do you have a disability?
If yes, what is the nature of your disability?
Further details of disability if required
Section 7 Programme Details

Germany programme dates for Academic Year 2022/3

Please select the programme dates that you wish to apply for

Germany programme dates for Academic Year 2023/4

Please select the programme dates that you wish to apply for

Section 8 Marketing Information
8.1Have you used Henley Business School before?
8.2Does your organisation regularly use other business Schools
If so, which one(s) does it use?
8.3Please indicate the main source of information which prompted you to apply for the Professional Certificate in Coaching:
8.4Please indicate if you are a member of Henley Partnership
Section 9 Declaration

I declare that the information given on this form is true, complete and accurate and that no information requested, or other material, has been omitted.


If any of the information on your application form is found to be false, it may lead to the withdrawal of your place at the University.

Data protection

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